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A Concise Sound Reference, from The Bliss Products Sound Laboratories.

Windows Configuration, source unknown. Includes some recommendations for optimizing your operating system for digital audio performance, at your own risk, of course.

Recommended OS Configuration, by Chris Walton. Offers an alternative point of view on configuration of the operating system.

Medium Bitrate Streaming Audio Format Comparisons, by Chris Walton.

Windows Media Audio versus MP3, by Chris Walton.

Chris and Rosey discuss Cool Edit Pro, by Chris and Rosey. An in-depth look at some of the program's editing facilities.

A Few Navigation and Editing Hints for Cool Edit Pro, by Chris Walton.

Sample Rate and Bit Depth Conversion in Cool Edit Pro, by Syntrillium.

Questions and Answers, mainly from the Cool Edit Forums.

Mixing Digital Audio in Cubase Score VST 3.50, by Chris Walton. A basic overview of the functions involved in real-time mixing of digital audio tracks.

Multitrack Recording in Cubase VST with the Aardvark Aark 20/20+, from the Aark 20/20+ owner's manual. Contains some information which can be applied to any sound card.

The Bliss Products Sound Laboratories



Digital Audio Resources

Audio Engineering Society

Home Recording - Welcome from The Mining Co.

Digital Domain


Digital Sound Page

Technical Background - Digital Audio Basic

Digital Recordings - Advanced Research and Development in Acoustics

Digital Recording Techniques

e-mu SoundFont

E-mu Systems, Inc.

SoundFont 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions


SoundFont Central

The Sound Site


studioax Grand Piano One

Bovbjerg's Piano Instruments

Warren Trachtman's Sound Sample Page - Steinway Grand Piano

J.P. Hovercraft's Mellotron Sample Page

Chaos Bank: SoundFont(SF2) for Sound Blaster AWE32/64 (12/8/4/2MB)

Editing Software and Resources

Syntrillium Software Corporation

Syntrillium: support

Random Access: Forums including Cool Edit

VST Software (for recording and mixing with real-time DSP)

FASOFT Homepage - Audio Software for Windows including N-Track Studio

K-v-R - VST Instrument Resources

Steinberg - Cubase VST

Steinberg - Cubase VST Score

Steinberg Service - including Knowledgebase, FAQ's, and Info Charts for Steinberg Products

Steinberg Service - Knowledgebase

The Cubase Webring Homepage

The Cubase Webring Links