Multitrack Recording in Cubase VST with the Aardvark Aark 20/20+

Open Cubase and select System from the Audio menu. Double-click on the Number of Channels box, type in 10, hit Enter and click Apply. Click on the ASIO Control Panel button, then click on the Advanced Options button and activate all of the input and output pairs so that an X appears in front of them. Click OK to close the dialogs. Under the Options menu set Multirecord to Active. Next, under the Audio menu select Inputs and click on each stereo input pair you wish to record with. Active pairs are represented by a green light. To assign the inputs, select Monitorfrom the Audio menu. For each channel of the VST Mixer, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard while clicking on the input channel button at the top of each channel strip. For 10-input recording, set Channel 1 to IN 1 L, Channel 2 to IN 1 R, Channel 3 to IN 2 L, Channel 4 to IN 2 R, Channel 5 to IN 3 L and so on, with Channel 10 set to IN 5 R. If you are recording fewer channels, set only as many inputs as you require. In the Arrange window, you will need to add a couple of Audio tracks for 10-input recording (To change a MIDI channel to Audio, right click on any musical note under the C column and select Audio Track). Make sure each record track has its own unique Channel number by right clicking under the Chn column. Open the Aark Manager to set monitoring if necessary. If you are recording via SIPDIF, Toslink or ADAT inputs, be sure to adjust the Sync Selection Source accordingly. In Cubase, activate each record channel by clicking under the R column so that a small icon appears. If you wish to enable level metering frorti within Cubase, you can do so by activating the small In button found by the fader of each channel in the VST Mixer. Place the Left Locator at your chosen start location and click the red Record button to begin recording. When you have finished recording, click the yellow Stop button. Save your work by selecting Save As from the File menu and naming your project.

For multichannel playback through the Aark 20/20+, select Master from the Audio menu. The VST Master window will show Outputs 3 to 10 as separate stereo Buses (if they were activated in the ASIO Control Panel). Click on the Active button for each Bus so that a green light appears. Each channel in the VST Mixer can now be routed to an individual output by clicking on the Master button at the bottom of each channel strip and selecting a different Bus. Set the pan controls full left and right to utilize both sides of the stereo Buses. Restore Default Settings in the Advanced Tab of the Aark Manager to ensure proper routing, then deactivate all record channels, cue the Song Position Pointer and click the green Play button for playback through multiple outputs.

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