(excerpted from Blisslanddeluxe Vol. 2)

control panel/system/performance/file system


Typical role of this machine = Network server
Read-ahead optimization = None


Disable write-behind caching for all drives = true

control panel/system/performance/virtual memory

Establishing identical minimum and maximum values for virtual memory will prevent Windows from dynamically resizing the swap file. Ideally, the swap file can be temporarily placed on a virtual drive while the primary drive is defragmented. This will ensure that a permanent swap file is never fragmented. These measures will improve disc access and reduce CPU overhead.



With 16 mb RAM, setting both the MinFileCache and MaxFileCache vcache values (using separate lines of text for each) in the Windows 95 System.ini file to 4096 may ameliorate OS disruption of performance by dynamic resizing and thrashing. It is commonly recommended that the Windows virtual cache be fixed at a size corresponding to about 25% of installed RAM. This will allow some disk read caching, while preventing the OS from consuming all available memory for this purpose (which it does by default).

25% Virtual Cache settings

16 mb RAM = 4096 kb 32 mb RAM = 8192 kb 64 mb RAM = 16384 kb

control panel/system/device manager/CDROM/properties/settings

Disconnect = enabled

Sync data transfer = disabled

With some drive models, performance may improve with this feature enabled; others will not function properly at all.

Auto-insert notification = disabled

You may get better performance with this feature disabled.

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