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The BlissWarez Application Suite

A revision of the first beta release, including:

BlissSuite_beta30_setup.exe      2,326 kb

Beta 3.0 Release Notes:
Beta 2.4 Release Notes:
Beta 2.3 Release Notes:
Beta 2.2 Release Notes:
Beta 2.1 Release Notes:
Beta 2.0 Release Notes:
Beta 1.5 Release Notes:
Beta 1.4.1 Release Notes:
Beta 1.4 Release Notes:
Beta 1.3 Release Notes:
Beta 1.2 Release Notes:
Beta 1.1 Release Notes:

Bliss Players

Custom interfaces for the Multimedia Builder Player.

BlissPlayer VX-1 v. 0.2

Audio player supports several formats (including Vorbis) and features special visualization functions.

BlissPlayerVX-1.exe     570 kb

BlissTrax MP3 Mixer beta 1.12

A basic 8-channel MP3 audio mixer project. Requires a reasonably fast processor and ActiveMovie MCI driver (mciqtz.drv) installed with Layer-3 audio support. Extract the archive anywhere and run BlissTrax.exe     538 kb

Sample Files

An excerpt from "Can't Let Go" to demonstrate and test the functionality of the BlissTrax mixer. When opening the mix file, the program will most likely find an error in the paths to the files on your machine. Simply choose to browse for the files and save the mix file with the revised paths.     5,736 kb

Bliss Player 3.01

v. 3.01 of the MPEG audio player sports great new features and more refined code. Download, unpack anywhere, run Player.exe. Requires DirectSound.     508 kb


Assorted little .mp3 files from various movies and tv shows, plus two playlists. Place the contents of the archive in the BlissPlayerXX folder.     390 kb

CD Bliss

Full-featured yet compact CD player, bearing the Bliss hallmark functional elegance of design.     404 kb

Other BlissWarez

BlissWarez Spectrum Analyzer

Five-range frequency spectrum analyzer.

Spectrum_Analyzer.exe     635 kb


Front end for the Fraunhofer fastenc layer-3 encoder. Written entirely in iBasic. Extract the archive to your fastenc directory.     196 kb

fastenc 1.01     192 kb

fastenc overview at Fraunhofer IIS

BlissEnc iBasic source code     15 kb


Front end for the SF2Comp command-line SoundFont decompiler/compiler. Provides convenient GUI control of all commands, with some additional useful features.     828 kb

SF2Comp at Hammersound mirror

Multimedia Builder Demos and Source Files

.mbd files for users of MediaChance Multimedia Builder.

BlissPlayer VX-1 Source

Demonstrates automated runtime color modulation of the AudioVisualization object oscilloscope, as well as a volume fader. Requires MMB or later.

blissplayer_vx-1_4.mbd     40 kb

Spectrum Analyzer Source

Five-range frequency spectrum analyzer employs the AudioVisualization object. Requires MMB or later.

spectrum_analyzer_1.mbd     125 kb

BlissVorbis Source

Ogg player included in the Application Suite uses MediaBox plug-in by bokzy.

BlissVorbis.mbd     77 kb

SF2Cgui Source

Front end for the command line SoundFont compiler/decompiler, SF2Comp. Even if you don't work with SoundFonts or don't know what they are for that matter, you can download the source and perhaps integrate some ideas into your own projects. It is far more practical if you also have the compiled SF2Cgui package (see above) in order to refer to the directory structure.

Features of Potential Interest to MMB Content Creators:      36 kb

Stopwatch Source

This new version features an alarm, and refers to the system clock in order to keep more accurate time, rather than relying solely on script timers.     61 kb

Hex2RGB Source

Hexadecimal to RGB conversion utility with algorithm in MMB script.     48 kb

Bliss Player 3.0 Source

The MPEG audio player.     50 kb

CD Player Demo

A functional CD audio player with elapsed time and track number displays.     15 kb

WAV Player Demo

A player which can load and play local .wav files, with a counter.     42 kb

Volume Fader Demo

A compact .mp3 player interface featuring a volume fader.     47 kb

Scrolling Window Demo

A moving project bound to the child of a parent project, using the Creature Soft plug-ins.     422 kb

Scrolling Window Demo 2

Exhibits certain advantages and disadvantages, as compared to the previous version.     323 kb

CS-1 Write Test

Demonstrates CS-1 WriteAppend function.

CS-1_Write_Test.mbd       49 kb


Novelty item. View enclosed ReadMe.txt for instructions.     87 kb

Dissolving Notepad

Novelty item. View enclosed ReadMe.txt for instructions.     150 kb

Tools and Documentation

Scripting in MMB, A Guide for the Novice

Scripting resource for MMB users.

scripting1.htm     6 kb

MCI Help

MCI command string resource in Windows Help format, from Microsoft.

MCI.hlp     194 kb

MCI Test

GUI for convenient testing of MCI commands. (Thanks to Wim for providing this.)     61 kb

CS1 v. 3 MMB Plug-in

CreatureSoft MMB plug-in includes extensive string functions, and more.

cs1_3.dll     132 kb

CS1 Plugin Release 1.0.1 Command Reference

Documentation for the popular CreatureSoft MMB plug-in.

CS1_Release1-1.doc     59 kb

JavaScript 1.1

Remote Search Engine

Designed as a sort of patch for the Blisslanddeluxe CD-ROM Vol. 1 Ed. 1. It works remotely to search an internal database, and points to files on the disc. Later releases of Vol. 1 incorporated the search feature, but the most interesting features of this design then became superfluous. Without the CD, of course, the links won't point to any existing documents, but you can see all the inner and outer workings. This package includes the JSPlayer and the Manual.     320 kb

Multimedia Builder was used to assemble Blisslanddeluxe Vol. 2.

JSPlayer LiveAudio plug-in front end

The Bliss Player .mp3 player interface designs evolved from this. As you may know, JavaScript can be pretty flaky, especially when it gets complex. You'll most likely get best results with Navigator 3.x. Even so, the thing behaves unpredictably. It is the nature of the beast. Requires Netscape Navigator 3.x or later with LiveAudio plug-in installed, or other compatible browser.     46 kb


The Search package includes this manual but the JSPlayer does not.     113 kb

MPEG Layer-3 Audio Encoders

MPEG Layer-3 Producer

v. of this program from Fraunhofer, the originators, includes GUI and one of the best layer-3 codecs available for encoding bitrates up to 128 kbps.     1,003 kb


A more recent command line encoder by Fraunhofer.

fastenc 1.01     192 kb

fastenc overview at Fraunhofer IIS

Razor Lame

Installation file includes v. 3.92 of LAME, along with the Razor Lame GUI. LAME will tend to deliver more high end clarity than the Fraunhofers, at the expense of accurate low end extension.

lamewin32_v392.exe     630 kb


Encode .mp3 up to 320 kbps for outstanding fidelity.     111 kb


RazorBlade GUI for BladeEnc allows control of all parameters.     404 kb

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