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BlissWarez Bass Mixer v. 0.27 (alpha)

Integrates the bass.dll sound engine for synchronized 8-track mixing in a variety of formats, including .wav, .ogg, .mp3.

BlissWarez Bass Mixer is written entirely in iBasic for 32-bit Windows OS targets.

INTERFACE, top to bottom:

Transport buttons / Progress indicator
Sample value level meters
Track pan scrollbars
Track volume scrollbars
Track mute and solo buttons
Track effects enable/disable buttons
Track effects level scrollbars
Track effects lock/unlock buttons
Track name edit boxes

Check boxes (lower right) affect associated file functions and indicators.


Extract the archive anywhere and run Bass_27.exe. View ReadMe.txt for usage.


These multitrack transfers from selected Bliss Products masters demonstrate the features of the mixer. The archives include audio tracks in Vorbis format, and mix files.
"I Gotta Have You Tonight" (1989)
A-side of the Bliss 502 single.

(10,256 KB)
"Summer (You Let Me Down Again)" (1989)
B-side of the Bliss 502 single.

(15,812 KB)
"Can't Let Go" (1994)
Opening track from The Bitter-Sweet Season

(7,359 KB)
"Until The Dawn" (1994)
Another from The Bitter-Sweet Season

(16,816 KB)
"World In Her Eyes" (1997)
Opening track from In The Course Of Human Events

(13,712 KB)

Check this site periodically for new additions.

iBasic Source
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