Rare Tracks Catalogue

Offered herein is an assortment of tunes which to my knowledge have--for whatever unfathomable reasons--never been released on compact disc, and hence may be difficult to find (and even more difficult to hear if you no longer own a record player). Encoding was done with the Fraunhofer layer-3 codec at 128 kbps, except where indicated otherwise.

The Latest Additions

Nick Cave: "The Atra Virago" or "The Vargas Barking Spider"
A despondent tale of arachnophilia from the former Birthday Partier and Bad Seed. Source is the Giorno Poetry Systems release, Smack My Crack. Encoded with the LAME codec as FhG produced a high degree of sibilant artifact not present in this.
(5,473,175 bytes)

Swans: "Anything For You (Hang Me)"
A tortured dirge in characteristically brutal Swans style. Also from Smack My Crack. Encoded with the LAME codec as FhG resulted in unacceptable narrowing of bandwidth; this rendering is itself far from faithful.
(4,735,895 bytes)

Pamela Lucia: "Walking On The Moon"
Pamela Lucia's psychotic episode, flip side of Tony Burello's wacky "The Sound of Worms". Encoding is 64 kbps mono.
(1,541,488 bytes)

Jennifer Lopez: "Alive" (Thunderpuss Club Mix)
The leggy superstar receives the inimitable Thunderpuss treatment on this affirming cut. Source is a DirecTV transmission. Although the LAME encoding is somewhat clearer in the high end, the low end is more accurately extended in this FhG encoding.
(7,350,459 bytes)

The Rest

Kim Sozzi/HQ2: "We Get Together"
Diva Kim Sozzi and producer Hex Hector get together on this anthemic plea for peace and harmony. DirecTV capture.
(4,289,679 bytes)

Shakira: "Underneath Your Clothes" (Thunderpuss Club Mix)
The boys transform another sappy ballad into a killer floorfiller. DirecTV capture.
(4,639,125 bytes)

The Shirts: "Out On The Ropes" (vinyl source)
Annie Golden in top form doing this gem from Street Light Shine. It will give you goosebumps every time.
(3,703,794 bytes)

The Pretenders: "Cuban Slide" (vinyl source)
The amazing original line-up cut Extended Play (whence this track originates) hot on the heels of the sensational debut LP.
(4,304,691 bytes)

The Professionals: "Just Another Dream" (vinyl source)
Ex-Sex Pistols Jones and Cook have a stab at a single.
(2,878,968 bytes)

Deborah Harry: "I Want That Man" (Kid Splice Almighty D-Bop Hybrid Edit)
Though the sources are digital, this particular version is included here as it is a special treatment by producer Kid Splice; to wit, a cross-dissolving hybrid of two commercially available remixes.
(4,343,889 bytes)

Madonna: "Impressive Instant" (Radio Mixshow)
The Peter Rauhofer Radio Mixshow, justifiably a club hit. This was obtained from the internet and the specifics of the encoding are unknown to me.
(5,347,328 bytes)

Britney Spears: "I'm A Slave 4 U" (Thunderpuss Club Mix)
The kick treatment by Thunderpuss makes it. Source is a capture of a DirecTV transmission.
(7,092,336 bytes)

Mia: "Dream Girl" (Polarbabies Club Anthem)
Replete with borrowed Rabbit Bundrick keyboard hook. Again from DirecTV.
(4,808,010 bytes)

Neil Young: "Hey Babe" (vinyl source)
A precious little nugget from American Stars 'n Bars. Support provided by the lungs of Linda Ronstadt.
(3,481,533 bytes)

Neil Young: "Motion Pictures" (vinyl source)
From yet another inexplicably neglected masterpiece, On The Beach.
(4,258,404 bytes)

Buffalo Springfield: "Bluebird" (vinyl source)
The full-length version, from the double LP compilation.
(8,707,794 bytes)

Pink Floyd: "Fat Old Sun" (tape source)
An outstanding rendition, from a Best of the BBC radio broadcast of a 1971 London concert.
(13,558,755 bytes)

Wrestling Worms: "Miss Mary" (vinyl source)
Leads off the delightfully skewed eponymous LP.
(2,522,433 bytes)

Richard Hell: "The Rev. Hell Gets Confused" (vinyl source)
The godfather of punk rants incoherently on this cut from the Giorno Poetry Systems release, Better A New Demon Than An Old God.
(2,283,909 bytes)

William S. Burroughs: "Dinosaurs" (vinyl source)
The elder statesman expounds our destiny. Also from New Demon. Encoding is 64 kbps mono.
(2,866,240 bytes)

Butthole Surfers: "Boiled Dove" (vinyl source)
From the definitive Giorno release, Smack My Crack.
(4,277,169 bytes)

Live Skull: "I Was Wrong" (vinyl source)
A dark, guilt-ridden, pathetic, nihilistic lamenting dirge from the exceedingly rare compilation, Speed Trials.
(2,779,722 bytes)

Tony Burello: "The Sound of Worms" (vinyl source)
The wacky A-side of a 7" single b/w Pamela Lucia's psychotic episode, "Walking On The Moon". Encoding is 64 kbps mono.
(1,174,368 bytes)

Eugene Chadbourne: "My Uncle Used To Love Me But She Died" (vinyl source)
Supreme hijinx from the consistently demented Country Music of Southeastern Australia.
(3,172,536 bytes)

Wall of Voodoo: "Tse Tse Fly" (vinyl source)
Stan Ridgeway's tropical misadventure as recounted on Dark Continent.
(3,737,154 bytes)

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