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The Participant and the Participant Returns
are the first two installments of a two-part Thin Disc trilogy.

Below are RealAudio sound excerpts.

The Participant.

The Participant RealAudio

"Fifteen pound jellyfish?!? You must be mad!"

And yet, it proceeded as planned: a disastrous 'comet' launch at a critical juncture in negotiations, cash transactions rendered obsolete, and the entire population safely unaware, enveloped in the flickering glow of cathode-ray bliss. The shit was about to hit the fan, and Larabe wasn't sure that he knew what to expect.

The Participant Returns.

The Participant Returns RealAudio

People were very busy pretending to be eloquent, dancing with words like excited new lovers.
No one was able to say what needed to be said. Security was tight; travel and communication were monitored with steadfast commitment. Freedoms 'guaranteed' by the Constitution were amended.
A state of siege prevailed in the minds of the citizenry. Martial law was inevitable.
The shape of human contact was evolving.

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