The New Life Expedition

In April, 1997 a study was commissioned by UNETOR, the United Nations Extraterrestrial Observation and Reclamation program, to investigate reports of unprecedented U.F.O. activity in a remote area of the Catskill Mountains State Park in New York.

Working in cooperation with federal, state and local authorities, UNETOR sent a team of specialists to the region for a preliminary study. A group of scientists - including the Americans Dr. F., a geologist from the State University of New York; and Dr. H., an electrical and aerospace engineer for N.A.S.A.; as well as the Russian biophysicist Dr. K. - were the first to encounter hard evidence of extraterrestrial visitation. This came in the form of gelatinous protoplasmic masses containing embryonic sacs in which hitherto unknown forms of life were thought to be gestating. The exact location of the site under investigation and the names of the scientists involved have been withheld for reasons of national security. Nevertheless Media Bliss has been granted exclusive license to present this approved photo documentary, including pictures taken on the very day of the initial discovery.

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A view upon approaching the site, with power lines stretching overhead. Dr. H. speculates that the alien progenitors may have chosen this location specifically in order to use the electric fields surrounding the power lines to promote incubation of the embryos.

The pool in which the new life was first encountered.

Drs. H. (left), F. (center), and K. examine the organisms, both terrestrial and alien, in the pool.

The first group of masses to be spotted, lying near the pool.

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