The Bliss Products Online Catalogue.

See Mediamania for highlights of current and not-so-current events in the public media, including Bob Hope and Harry Truman features.

Find out what's hot on the Featured Areas page.

The Roadkill Review, published by AllAmericanBoy, is the official fanzine of the Doom Patrol (to be confused with other clubs of the same name).

The Independent Artist offers exposure and various services to artists working in all sorts of media.

Twisted Fool Media, owned and operated by the lovely Michelle, provides CD duplication and printing, amongst other services and products.

A thriving culture, from APetriDish . . .One World.

Visit Space Mouse at

Find out what founding Splungus Lou is up to at
Life in the Times of Splungents.

NY HANGOVER, that popular periodical featuring regular columns by Darren the Janitor.

The ever-so-sweet Cyn2222.

Say hello to the wonderful BarrBody.

The lovely, the irrepressible, Stacianna.

Meet the beautiful frauline Lieberich, and learn about her heritage.

Read about my (now departed) pal and fellow AOL member Bronson, and see his artwork.

Meet another of my online buddies, Savidge4.

See the beautiful and striking work of ArtManiac.

He's a wizard; a true star . . . he's everyone's favorite runt . . . he's the artist formerly known as Todd Rundgren (smirk), and this is his web site.

Find out what punk pioneer and Voidoid R. Hell is up to at the Official Richard Hell website, including the CUZ Editions catalogue.

They're wild, wacky and wonderful . . . they are, amongst other things, the world's greatest cover band . . . they are, of course, The Dickies.

Smelly Tongues Home, The Unofficial Residents Fan Club.

The Future Sound of London at Astralwerks.

Ubu Web: Difficult Choices from D. Thomas and crew.

Space-Time Transient and Unusual Events . . . Forbidden Artifacts and Finds . . . Lost Civilizations . . . Dreaming Universe . . . Paradigm Metamorphosis . . . Unidentified Objects in Air and Water . . . Close Encounters I - V . . . You'll find it all at the
Anomalies and Enigmas Forum.

Meet Bob Dobbs in all His Glory, and get the slack you crave, at the Subsite.

Speaking of conspiracies, check out the official X-Files site.

The Weekly World News is consistently informative and relevant.

Gold BondŽ Medicated Powder - "It's a friggin' miracle." Find out why at the Gold Bond Homepage.

Get the scoop on all things PC at Ars Technica: The PC enthusiast's resource.

Need a high-powered co2 laser? A psychotronic generator? An ultrasonic pulverizer? All the latest technology of mayhem and mind control is available (really!) from
Information Unlimited.

Get the correct time to within nanoseconds, 24/7/365, at the
U.S. Naval Observatory - Time Service Department.

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