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The Faithful Decade: 2005-2014

Including selections from Love Hurts, Love and Madness, and Throw Money: A Tribute to Todd Rundgren

Produced by Chris Walton
Vocals by Chris Walton, Sarah Jane Miller, & Lorelle Saxena

(FLAC & 256 kbps .mp3)

DISC 1:  The Faithful Karaoke Singers
MP3    FLAC    Hurry Up Harry (Pursey/Parsons)
MP3    FLAC    I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (Dunbar/Gangwer)
MP3    FLAC    My Pledge Of Love (Joe Stafford)
MP3    FLAC    Oh, Lonesome Me (Don Gibson)
MP3    FLAC    Hey Babe (Neil Young)
MP3    FLAC    Do Ya (Jeff Lynne)
MP3    FLAC    Lysistrata (Todd Rundgren)
MP3    FLAC    Can We Still Be Friends (Todd Rundgren)
MP3    FLAC    Sometimes I Don't Know What To Feel (Todd Rundgren)
MP3    FLAC    My Angel (Powell/Rundgren)
MP3    FLAC    I'm Looking At You But I'm Talking To Myself (Howard/Powell/Rundgren/Wilcox)
MP3    FLAC    Hello It's Me (Todd Rundgren)
MP3    FLAC    Bad Time (Mark Farner)
MP3    FLAC    It's Only Love (Lennon/McCartney)
MP3    FLAC    Love Hurts (Boudleaux Bryant)
MP3    FLAC    Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time) (Bell/Hart)
MP3    FLAC    It Makes No Difference (Robbie Robertson)
MP3    FLAC    It's Different For Girls (Joe Jackson)
MP3    FLAC    Baby I Love You (Ronnie Shannon)
MP3    FLAC    Treat Her Like A Lady (Cornelius)
MP3    FLAC    Out On The Ropes (Ronald Ardito)
MP3    FLAC    Breaking Us In Two (Joe Jackson)

DISC 2:  Selected backing tracks, outtakes, and scratch tracks
MP3    FLAC    You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (Lennon/McCartney)
MP3    FLAC    If I Fell (Lennon/McCartney)
MP3    FLAC    Walk On By (Bacharach/David)
MP3    FLAC    Is She Really Going Out With Him? (Joe Jackson)
MP3    FLAC    Day After Day (Pete Ham)
MP3    FLAC    I Don't Want To Tie You Down (Todd Rundgren)
MP3    FLAC    It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference (Todd Rundgren)
MP3    FLAC    A Dream Goes On Forever (Todd Rundgren)
MP3    FLAC    Build Me Up Buttercup (Macauley/D'Abo)
MP3    FLAC    Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Neil Young)
MP3    FLAC    Faithless Love (John David Souther)
MP3    FLAC    Worst That Could Happen (G Major) (Jimmy Webb)
MP3    FLAC    Nobody But Me (Isley/Isley)
MP3    FLAC    Let's Pretend (Eric Carmen)
MP3    FLAC    There's No Surf In Cleveland (R. Reising/J. Girard)
MP3    FLAC    Laughter In The Rain (Sedaka/Cody)
MP3    FLAC    Let's Stay Together (Green/Mitchell/Jackson)
MP3    FLAC    Reach Out (I'll Be There) (Holland/Dozier/Holland)
MP3    FLAC    Higher Ground (Stevie Wonder)
MP3    FLAC    Cherish (Madonna/Patrick Leonard)
MP3    FLAC    Unchained Melody (Zaret/North)
MP3    FLAC    Baba O'Riley (Peter Townshend)
MP3    FLAC    Tomorrow Never Knows (Lennon/McCartney)

Fun Fun Karaoke DVD Excerpts

(Windows Media & MPEG-4)

For casual viewing, please visit instead the Fun Fun Karaoke Viewing Room.

Fun Fun Video Player v. 2 (813 KB)

Release Notes:
Basically this is specifically for the purpose of playing the Windows Media videos available at, since Windows Media Player has trouble interpreting the aspect ratio, and in some cases will corrupt the image altogether. Leave it to Microsoft to have no grasp of their own proprietary format. If you're running Windows and playing the .wmv files then you should use this. Hope it makes your life easier too. Just run it, nothing to install. It writes to its own key ("FFV") in the registry, that's it. It should handle constant and variable bitrates with equal proficiency. If you want full screen, you can get pretty close for now if you use "overlapped" style and then maximize the video window. New in v. 2 is support for automatic multiple file sequencing. There may be a few bugs remaining. Also, clicking on the time counter will toggle between elapsed time, total time, and blank.

From The Really Big Reprise (2014)

WMV    MP4    Opening Titles
WMV    MP4    Magic Carpet Ride
WMV    MP4    Do You Know What I Mean
WMV    MP4    Rock and Roll, Hoochie-Koo
WMV    MP4    School's Out
WMV    MP4    All The Young Dudes
WMV    MP4    Jet
WMV    MP4    You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth
WMV    MP4    Is She Really Going Out With Him?
WMV    MP4    Monday Monday
WMV    MP4    The Seeker
WMV    MP4    Epilogue
WMV    MP4    Stuck In The Middle (With You)
WMV    MP4    Can't Get Enough
WMV    MP4    You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

Bonus Selections (vocals recorded January 26, 2008)
WMV    MP4    My Generation
WMV    MP4    5:15
WMV    MP4    Pretty Vacant

From The Schmaltz Show (2008)

WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Schmaltz Intro
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Love Letter
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Walk Away Renee
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    (Just Like) Starting Over
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    I Knew The Bride
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    You've Made Me So Very Happy
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Reason To Believe
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    The Rapper
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    I Think I Love You
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    I'm Not In Love
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Hush
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Watching The Wheels
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Midnight Special
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    I Got You Babe
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    After Hours Happy Hour Intro / Can We Still Be Friends
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Runaway
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Precious and Few
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    End Titles

WMV    MP4    Since I Don't Have You
WMV    MP4    Light My Fire
Gentle On My Mind (.wmv) (5,780 KB)
Worst That Could Happen (.wmv) (5,862 KB)
Baba O'Riley (.mp3 audio) (4,727 KB)

From The Morose Holiday Special (2009)

WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Morose Opening Titles
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Lysistrata
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Dance With Me
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Nice To Be With You
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    You Didn't Have To Be So Nice
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Smile A Little Smile For Me
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    I Woke Up In Love This Morning
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Sugar Sugar
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Hooked On A Feeling
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    1,2,3, Red Light
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Cinnamon
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Hang On Sloopy
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    96 Tears
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Tomorrow Never Knows
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Laugh Laugh
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Tracy
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Something Stupid
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Easy Come, Easy Go
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Harvest Moon
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Treat Her Like A Lady
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Too Late To Turn Back Now
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Turn Back The Hands Of Time
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Love Is All Around
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Li'l Red Riding Hood
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Spooky
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Stormy
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Traces
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Don't You Care
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    The Most Beautiful Girl
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Blue Side Of Lonesome
WMV    MP4    If Drinkin' Don't Kill Me (Her Memory Will)
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Barstool Mountain
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Father Christmas
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    F.D.A. Warning
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    End Titles
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Copacabana
WMV    MP4 (March 2016 Master)    Morose Farewell

WMV    MP4    Pushin' Too Hard
WMV    MP4    This Diamond Ring

From Empire of Dirt / The After Hours Hour of Doom (2010)

WMV    MP4    Amie
WMV    MP4    Talk Of The Town
WMV    MP4    You've Got Your Troubles
WMV    MP4    Singin' The Blues
WMV    MP4    Mirage
WMV    MP4    Help!
WMV    MP4    I'm A Loser
WMV    MP4    Photograph
WMV    MP4    I Need To Know
WMV    MP4    You and Me
WMV    MP4    Telephone Line
WMV    MP4    Eve Of Destruction
WMV    MP4    Summer Breeze
WMV    MP4    City Of New Orleans
WMV    MP4    Captain Jack
WMV    MP4    The Devil Went Down To Georgia
WMV    MP4    If You Could Read My Mind

I Need You (.wmv) (5,080 KB)
Cry Like A Baby (.wmv) (4,272 KB)
Spirit In The Sky (.wmv) (5,899 KB)
Rhythm Of The Rain (.wmv) (4,309 KB)
All I Have To Do Is Dream (.wmv) (4,425 KB)
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head (.wmv) (5,848 KB)
The Letter (.wmv) (3,781 KB)
Wichita Lineman (.wmv) (4,658 KB)

From Crawling From The Wreckage (2010)

WMV    MP4    (I Love The Sound Of) Breaking Glass
WMV    MP4    Crawling From The Wreckage
WMV    MP4    Last Kiss
WMV    MP4    Under My Wheels
WMV    MP4    My Own Worst Enemy
WMV    MP4    I'm Only Sleeping
WMV    MP4    Summertime
WMV    MP4    Come On Down To My Boat
WMV    MP4    Hungry
WMV    MP4    Doesn't Somebody Want To Be Wanted
WMV    MP4    Wait
WMV    MP4    Baby Blue
WMV    MP4    This Guy's In Love With You
WMV    MP4    Everybody's Talkin'
WMV    MP4    Out Of Time
WMV    MP4    Lies
WMV    MP4    Femme Fatale
WMV    MP4    Psychotic Reaction
WMV    MP4    My Little Red Book
WMV    MP4    What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted
WMV    MP4    I'll Be Back
WMV    MP4    End_Titles

WMV    MP4    Accidents Will Happen
WMV    MP4    Dead Man's Curve (outtake)
WMV    MP4    I Got A Line On You
WMV    MP4    Sugar Town
WMV    MP4    When You Walk In The Room (outtake)

The WSUK Festivals 2011-2015

(160 kbps .mp3)

You may also enjoy the WSUK Multimedia Archives.

Most Recent Masters
MP3   The WSUK Jukebox of DY-NO-MITE! Vol. 1
MP3   The WSUK Jukebox of DY-NO-MITE! Vol. 2
MP3   The WSUK Jukebox of DY-NO-MITE! Vol. 3
MP3   The WSUK Jukebox of DY-NO-MITE! Vol. 4
MP3   The WSUK Jukebox of DY-NO-MITE! Vol. 5
MP3   The WSUK Jukebox of DY-NO-MITE! Vol. 6
MP3   The WSUK Jukebox of DY-NO-MITE! Vol. 7
MP3   The WSUK Jukebox of DY-NO-MITE! Vol. 8
MP3   The WSUK Jukebox of DY-NO-MITE! Vol. 9
MP3   No One Here Gets In Alive: The Live Half-Dead Doors Reunion

Obsolete Masters
MP3   The WSUK Festivals Part 1 ( Mastered July, 2012 )
MP3   The WSUK Festivals Part 2 ( Mastered July, 2012 )
MP3   The WSUK Jukebox of DY-NO-MITE! ( Mastered July - August, 2012 )
MP3   Iraqi Torture Night (Highlights) ( Mastered January, 2013 )
MP3   The Dead Professor's Deathday Special (Highlights Part 1) ( Mastered January, 2013 )
MP3   The Dead Professor's Deathday Special (Highlights Part 2) ( Mastered January, 2013 )

Dead Professor
The Dead Professor Show

(128 kbps .mp3)

December, 2015

MP3   The Dead Professor
           with Special Guest DJ The Wandering Professor
           featuring Joe Jackson and Todd Rundgren live in concert with Ethel
           December 27, 2015

MP3   The Dead Professor
           with Special Guest DJ The Wandering Professor
           Alex Chilton Birthday Special; Death of Lemmy; Bliss Products 30th Anniversary
           December 28, 2015

Selections from The History of Popular Music  

Vol. 1 (c. 1992-1998)
MP3    FLAC    '60s Top 40
MP3    FLAC    Glam
MP3    FLAC    Funk 1 (.mp3) - Funk1 / Funk2 (.flac)
MP3    FLAC    Acid Loop / Cycle of Decadence
MP3    FLAC    New Wave 1 (plus wailing) / Early '60s Vocal
MP3    FLAC    '70s Hits 2
MP3    FLAC    Heavy Metal Suite
MP3    FLAC    TV Themes
MP3    FLAC    Motown
MP3    FLAC    Disco
MP3    FLAC    '60s - '70s Folkies
MP3    FLAC    New Wave 2
MP3    FLAC    '60s Stew

Vol. 2 (2001)
MP3    FLAC    Haunt My Dreams
MP3    FLAC    Schlock Inferno
MP3    FLAC    Pop Circus
MP3    FLAC    Soft Soul Nightmare

Vol. 3 (2009)
MP3    FLAC    Fabulous Fifties
MP3    FLAC    Those Were The Days
MP3    FLAC    Punk 1
MP3    FLAC    Punk 2
MP3    FLAC    Rock Is Dead
MP3    FLAC    You
MP3    FLAC    Space Lounge Rhapsody
MP3    FLAC    Despair
MP3    FLAC    Shit Pot Classic

Bliss Products

(FLAC & 96 kbps .ogg Vorbis & .mp3)

Chris Walton's Guide to Better Grooming    (BLCD-S1A)

MP3    OGG    FLAC    I Just Can't Wait (1985)
MP3    OGG    FLAC    I Need A Girl (1985)
MP3    OGG    FLAC    I Only Want To Love You (1985)
MP3    OGG    FLAC    One Heart, One Mind (1985)
MP3    OGG    FLAC    Hole In The Sky (1987)   Herb Rivera - guitar
MP3    OGG    FLAC    Mind Like Yours (1989)   John Lebowitz - lead guitar
MP3    OGG    FLAC    The Horsefly Bites (1989)
MP3    OGG    FLAC    Corporal Cresky's Afternoon Dream (1981/1985)
MP3    OGG    FLAC    Glass Elevator (1988)   John Lebowitz - lead guitar
MP3    OGG    FLAC    Eleventh Hour (1988)
MP3    OGG    FLAC    Dusk (1983/1997)
MP3    OGG    FLAC    One Day I Went To Sleep (1981/1997)
MP3    OGG    FLAC    Subliminus (1985)
MP3    OGG    FLAC    Dog (Canis Erectus) (2002)
MP3    OGG    FLAC    Spic & Span (1983/1986)
MP3    OGG    FLAC    Truth Is The Order (1980/1986)
MP3    OGG    FLAC    (They're) Shooting In The Streets (Again) (1996)
MP3    OGG    FLAC    The Union (1981/1996)
MP3    OGG    FLAC    The Wide Earth and The Deep Heart (1981/1996)

     Written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris Walton except where indicated.

Songs To Drink and Drive By    (BLCD-S8B)

MP3    OGG    FLAC    I Gotta Have You Tonight (1989)
MP3    OGG    FLAC    Summer (You Let Me Down Again) (1989)
MP3    OGG    FLAC    If Love's A Game (1994)
MP3    OGG    FLAC    Until The Dawn (1981/1994)
MP3    OGG    FLAC    Memphis Flu Again (1996)
MP3    OGG    FLAC    You Old Dog (1996)
MP3    OGG    FLAC    I Shot My Lover (1996)
MP3    OGG    FLAC    Pass The Bottle (1996)
MP3    OGG    FLAC    Rock 'n' Roll Slut (1989)
MP3    OGG    FLAC    (My Heart Is) Still On Fire (1988)
MP3    OGG    FLAC    Upwardly Docile (1988)
MP3    OGG    FLAC    (I'll Be A) Jack The Ripper (1988)
MP3    OGG    FLAC    Metalhead (1988)   Chris Berberian - lead guitar
MP3    OGG    FLAC    Everything Is Up In The Air (1988)
MP3    OGG    FLAC    The Spirits Know (1988)
MP3    OGG    FLAC    Brain Vacation (1984)   Steve Peer - drums
MP3    OGG    FLAC    P.S.A. (1987)
MP3    OGG    FLAC    I Can't Let Go (2000)   Written by Taylor/Gorgoni
MP3    OGG    FLAC    World In Her Eyes (Kinetic Remix) (2000)
MP3    OGG    FLAC    I Only Want To Love You (Discothequeno Version) (2002)
MP3    OGG    FLAC    Can't Let Go (1994)
MP3    OGG    FLAC    Summer Almost Makes Life Worth Living (1994)

     Written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris Walton except where indicated.

The Long Descent    (BLCD-S9)

MP3    FLAC    My Favorite Things
MP3    FLAC    Pink Neuroplastic Mitosis
MP3    FLAC    (She Was) Infested With Maggots
MP3    FLAC    Amphetamania    Herb Rivera - guitar
MP3    FLAC    I Got My Trip Together Now
MP3    FLAC    Hell Bound
MP3    FLAC    I Can't Find The Missing Piece
MP3    FLAC    Nervous
MP3    FLAC    Traffic
MP3    FLAC    Haze and Storm
MP3    FLAC    I'm A Shadow / My Home Is A Fortress
MP3    FLAC    Black Horizon
MP3    FLAC    Next Stop, Hades
MP3    FLAC    Den of Iniquity
MP3    FLAC    Mutant Emanations    Jimmy K. & David Courtien - Additional Emanations
MP3    FLAC    The Fear Drug    Lloyd Goldman - synthesiser
MP3    FLAC    Decomposition
MP3    FLAC    Not My Dialect
MP3    FLAC    Scrambled Brains
MP3    FLAC    As Time Goes By    John Lebowitz - guitar
MP3    FLAC    Vortex Cortex
MP3    FLAC    The Frontier

     Written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris Walton except where indicated.

Get Yer Stinkin' Paws Off Me    (BLCD-805)

MP3    FLAC    Pay The Pearle
MP3    FLAC    The Doctor's Assistant
MP3    FLAC    The Mad Hatter
MP3    FLAC    The Vegetable
MP3    FLAC    Graphite
MP3    FLAC    Archie and Ralph Go To Hell
MP3    FLAC    The Crab Session
MP3    FLAC    It's A Madhouse!
MP3    FLAC    Medley
MP3    FLAC    Chant To The Pearle

     Written and performed by Chris Walton and Jimmy K.

All rights reserved.

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